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About Joanne Hart

Joanne Hart is a Senior financial journalist, copy-writer, media trainer and a speech writer. With a degree in modern languages from the University of Cambridge there is no surprise as to why she has more than two decades of experience in her field. She launched her company Joanne Hart Limited in 2002, which offers award winning copy-writing, and speech-writing, as well as training and consultancy services to financial and corporate clients. Some of her clients include leading banks, international exchanged, brokers and FTSE 100 companies. As well as running her own company, Joanne has been the Investments Editor at the Mail on Sunday since 2006 and she writes a monthly column for the Banker magazine. On top of this she edits a twice-yearly magazine for Bridgepoint, the private equity firm and she also edits yearbooks for organisations including London Stock Exchange Group, the London Metal Exchange to name a few.