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This page shows the companies that have the most positive movement in their share price and those whose share price has dropped the most.

It also shows the stocks that are currently attracting the most interest and tips by financial journalists and tipsters.

Today's top movers

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
Burberry Group (BRBY) Personal & Household Goods 222 2,117.00p 2,190.00p 3.84% 2,189.00p 2,190.00p View
Old Mutual Limited NPV (DI) (OMU) Insurance 1 96.01p 98.87p 3.50% 98.76p 98.87p View
NMC Health (NMC) Health Care 50 1,877.00p 1,917.50p 3.09% 1,917.50p 1,918.50p View
Smith (DS) (SMDS) Industrial Goods & Services 160 324.60p 332.00p 3.04% 331.90p 332.10p View
TUI AG Reg Shs (DI) (TUI) Travel & Leisure 118 764.80p 782.80p 2.92% 782.80p 783.20p View

Today's top losers

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
Coca-Cola European Partners (DI) (CCEP) 0 0.00p 0.00p 0.00% 0.00p 0.00p View
Phoenix Group Holdings (PHNX) Insurance 62 663.30p 648.90p -1.61% 648.70p 648.90p View
South32 Limited (DI) (S32) Basic Resources 69 156.56p 155.26p -0.74% 155.12p 155.36p View
BHP Group (BHP) Basic Resources 346 1,729.40p 1,723.20p -0.67% 1,723.00p 1,723.20p View
Legal & General Group (LGEN) Insurance 221 222.90p 223.06p -0.42% 223.00p 223.10p View

Most tipped companies

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Health Care 527 1,663.20p 1,674.00p 0.46% 1,673.80p 1,674.00p View
AstraZeneca (AZN) Health Care 526 7,246.00p 7,338.00p 0.95% 7,335.00p 7,338.00p View
Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) Banks 503 49.70p 49.81p 0.19% 49.81p 49.82p View
Royal Dutch Shell 'B' (RDSB) Oil & Gas 415 2,287.00p 2,308.00p 1.70% 2,307.50p 2,308.00p View
BP (BP.) Oil & Gas 405 496.85p 499.30p 1.21% 499.30p 499.35p View

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