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This page shows the companies that have the most positive movement in their share price and those whose share price has dropped the most.

It also shows the stocks that are currently attracting the most interest and tips by financial journalists and tipsters.

Today's top movers

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
Persimmon (PSN) Household Goods 118 2,612.00p 2,631.00p 2.93% 2,631.00p 2,633.00p View Trade
Antofagasta (ANTO) Mining 97 960.00p 982.00p 2.88% 982.00p 982.50p View Trade
BHP Billiton (BLT) Mining 191 1,404.00p 1,401.50p 2.60% 1,401.50p 1,402.00p View Trade
Whitbread (WTB) Tourism and Leisure Services 101 3,838.00p 3,879.00p 2.27% 3,879.00p 3,881.00p View Trade
Coca-Cola HBC AG (CDI) (CCH) Beverages 20 2,565.00p 2,596.00p 1.84% 2,594.00p 2,596.00p View Trade

Today's top losers

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Tourism and Leisure Services 36 3,927.00p 3,893.00p -0.49% 3,890.00p 3,895.00p View Trade
Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.) Financials 44 1,333.00p 1,321.00p -0.45% 1,321.00p 1,323.00p View Trade
International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (CDI) (IAG) Tourism and Leisure Services 79 617.00p 614.00p -0.41% 613.50p 614.00p View Trade
Capita (CPI) Support 55 659.50p 656.50p -0.38% 656.00p 657.50p View Trade
Just Eat (JE.) Retailers 55 635.00p 629.00p -0.32% 629.00p 629.50p View Trade

Most tipped companies

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) Banking 296 64.75p 65.15p 0.90% 65.15p 65.17p View Trade
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharma and Biotech 292 1,482.50p 1,486.00p 0.44% 1,485.50p 1,486.50p View Trade
AstraZeneca (AZN) Pharma and Biotech 255 4,435.50p 4,428.00p 0.23% 4,426.00p 4,428.50p View Trade
Barclays (BARC) Banking 241 194.45p 194.20p 0.49% 194.20p 194.30p View Trade
HSBC Holdings (HSBA) Banking 233 738.90p 740.10p 0.84% 740.00p 740.20p View Trade

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