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This page shows the companies that have the most positive movement in their share price and those whose share price has dropped the most.

It also shows the stocks that are currently attracting the most interest and tips by financial journalists and tipsters.

Today's top movers

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
Hammerson (HMSO) 50 519.40p 540.00p 4.08% 540.20p 540.40p View
Smiths Group (SMIN) Manufacturing 51 1,588.50p 1,618.50p 2.74% 1,614.50p 1,615.00p View
NMC Health (NMC) Health Care 16 3,620.00p 3,688.00p 2.61% 3,690.00p 3,692.00p View
Standard Chartered (STAN) Banking 195 749.50p 764.40p 2.51% 763.90p 764.00p View
Mediclinic International (MDC) Health Care 10 683.20p 690.60p 2.37% 690.40p 691.00p View

Today's top losers

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
Melrose Industries (MRO) Engineering 64 236.00p 229.20p -3.34% 228.20p 228.40p View
Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB.) Household Goods 163 5,700.00p 5,625.00p -2.90% 5,617.00p 5,619.00p View
GKN (GKN) Automobiles and related providers 108 476.90p 467.90p -2.30% 466.10p 466.60p View
Weir Group (WEIR) Engineering 97 2,259.00p 2,201.00p -1.91% 2,205.00p 2,207.00p View
Rolls-Royce Holdings (RR.) Defense and Aeronautics 181 875.80p 866.20p -1.30% 864.80p 865.40p View

Most tipped companies

Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharma and Biotech 347 1,419.00p 1,430.00p 1.36% 1,426.40p 1,426.60p View
Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) Banking 344 65.88p 65.70p -0.53% 65.73p 65.75p View
AstraZeneca (AZN) Pharma and Biotech 302 4,971.50p 4,976.00p 0.49% 4,979.00p 4,980.00p View
Barclays (BARC) Banking 290 215.30p 215.50p 0.43% 215.10p 215.20p View
HSBC Holdings (HSBA) Banking 269 698.10p 701.20p 1.32% 699.80p 699.90p View

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