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Our custom notifications put you in complete control of the information you recive.

Using the "If This Then That" model, you select a Type then an Action (or more than one action) and last a Frequency for the notification.

For Example you could set up notifications like this :

1. When a Tipster X tips Company Y a Sell then email me Instantly

2. When a Publication X tips Sector Y a Hold then email me Daily

Those are just a couple of examples of how you can use this tool.

IMPORTANT: Once you have upgraded you will find your Custom Notifications under "My Account" section in your user Navigation in the tab "Manage Custom Notifications".

You will also have a "Set Up Alerts" button next to the "Add to League" button on all Tipsters, Brokers and Sectors Pages. So you can set up or manage alerts as you need too.

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As a Premium Member you will now recieve Alert Emails + . These will replace your Tip Alert emails from your watchlist.

These are fully loaded Emails with everything you need when a tip is placed on a company you follow in your watchlist!

You get:

  1. The full Tip in the email (Tip Action, Tipster and Company)
  2. Price when the Tip was placed
  3. Link to the Research - So you can read the views behind the Tip
  4. Link to the Trade Now Section - So you can act on the Tip fast if you need to.
  5. The Tip History for that Tipster and Company - Showing you their historical Performance
  6. Other Related Tips - So you never miss a related opportunity.

Stockomendation is pleased to present StockoScores, our new advanced tipster ranking feature that will allow you to take your tip and tipster research to the next level.

Each tipster’s StockoScore reflects their ability to generate consistent risk-adjusted tip performance, and the likelihood that their performance be attributed to skill and not luck. Put simply, our StockoScores allow you to ‘filter out the noise’ on our tip platform. You’ll be able to see where tipsters rank in our universe of brokers and tipsters, and for every tip you’ll be able to see if that tipster features in our ‘top tipster’ lists.

With StockoScores advanced ranking you’ll be able to quickly identify the best tipsters to follow to help you develop your investment portfolio.

NOTE: StockoScores have been developed with researchers at the Banking and Finance Department of a leading UK University

As a Premium Member we will remove ALL advertising from our website and Emails so you have the cleanest Stockomendation experience with minimal distractions from seeing the data you want.