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About Hot Stock Rockets

AIM is not about long term investment. It is about searching out cheap stocks and using market contacts to find out where the news flow is coming. No news flow means that a stock can stay cheap for a long time and that means dead money.

The Hot Stock Rockets portfolio features a maximum of 12 stocks at any one time.

Hot Stock Rockets is a team with vast experience of making money on AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market.

Monthly newsletter with main tip of the month.

The Hot Stock Rockets team knows how AIM works. With input from an ex market-maker, an ex fund manager and an ex sell-side analyst, plus a team of veteran market writers, they know how this market works and how to make money.

The team has more than 130 years combined market experience.

NOTE: This description is in part generated by ChatGPT and not an endorsement by or the opinion of Stockomendation Ltd.