About Us

An introduction to Stockomendation

Stockomendation was founded to level the playing field for investors and to bring transparency to the stock tip industry. We are completely impartial and concerned only with presenting you with the latest share tips and their performance data.

Each day, our researchers scour the internet, magazines, newspapers, newsletters and subscribe to eshots to find the latest tips on UK stocks and shares. We then track the tips and present the performance of each tip and tipster, so you can gauge whether or not you think they are worth following.

We follow over 160 tipsters from the major sources and seek out niche publications to give you the widest choice of tips available. If you were to search all these individually you would spend many hours a week simply looking for share tips.

The share tips you find onsite have all had a definitive ‘Buy’, ‘Sell’, ‘Hold’ or ‘Avoid’ rating stated by the tipster or publication. We do not attempt to interpret opinion, only present the data.

Stockomendation is an extremely beneficial addition to your investment planning and you will find an array of useful data onsite. As a subscriber you will be able to view 100s of new share tips every week and access a database that is not available anywhere else on the web.

Founder and CEO, Paul Roberts introduces Stockomendation and gives you an insight into what to expect when you join.