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Hydrogen Group (HYDG) Industrial Goods & Services Sector

  1. Name: Stephen Puckett

    Age: 0

    Title: Non-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board

    Start Date: 2015-03-04

    Position: Chmn.

    Held since: 03/04/2015

  2. Name: Ian Temple

    Age: 0

    Title: Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director

    Start Date: 2015-03-04

    Position: CEO

    Held since: NA

  3. Name: Colin Adams

    Age: 54

    Title: Chief Financial Officer, Director

    Start Date: 2015-05-21

    Position: CFO

    Held since: 05/06/2015

  4. Name: Helen Perkins

    Age: 0

    Title: Company Secretary

    Start Date: 2013

    Position: Secy.

    Held since: 2013