Electrocomponents (ECM) Industrial Goods & Services Sector

  1. Name: Peter Johnson

    Age: 68

    Title: Chairman of the Board

    Start Date: 2012-11-01

    Position: Chmn.

    Held since: 10/01/2010

  2. Name: Lindsley Ruth

    Age: 0

    Title: Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director

    Start Date: 2015-04-01

    Position: CEO

    Held since: 04/01/2015

  3. Name: Sally Adams

    Age: 0

    Title: Acting Group Finance Director, Group Financial Controller

    Start Date: 2015-09-30

    Position: Fin. Dir.

    Held since: 09/30/2015

  4. Name: Ian Haslegrave

    Age: 0

    Title: General Counsel, Company Secretary

    Start Date: NA

    Position: Counsel

    Held since: NA