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These are the companies listed in All Companies. Choose one of the companies in the list to see further information. By adding one or more of the companies to your Watch List, you can easily track their stock quote.

Name Sector Mid Change Consensus Momentum Activity Trading Velocity Actions
1Spatial (SPA) Industrial Goods & Services View
3i Group (III) Financial Services View
3i Infrastructure (3IN) Financial Services View
4D Pharma (DDDD) Health Care View
4Imprint Group (FOUR) Media View
600 Group (SIXH) Industrial Goods & Services View
7Digital Group (7DIG) Media View
88 Energy Limited (DI) (88E) Utilities View
888 Holdings (888) Travel & Leisure View
A2a SPA (0N54) View
AA (AA.) Automobiles & Parts View
AAP Implantate Ag (0N5A) View
Aareal Bank AG (0MG0) View
AB Dynamics (ABDP) Industrial Goods & Services View
Ab Electrolux (0MDT) View

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