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Name Sector Tips Open Mid Change Bid Ask Actions
1pm (OPM) Financial Services 3 46.50p 46.50p 0.86% 46.00p 47.00p View
1Spatial (SPA) Industrial Goods & Services 41 33.50p 33.50p 0.00% 32.00p 35.00p View
21st Century Technology (C21) Industrial Goods & Services 9 3.30p 3.30p 1.54% 3.00p 3.60p View
3i Group (III) Financial Services 39 936.20p 947.00p 1.37% 948.00p 948.20p View
3i Infrastructure (3IN) Financial Services 7 267.70p 271.50p 0.95% 271.50p 271.65p View
4D Pharma (DDDD) Health Care 0 123.50p 119.25p 2.70% 112.00p 126.50p View
4Imprint Group (FOUR) Media 38 1,945.00p 1,920.00p 1.43% 1,910.00p 1,945.00p View
600 Group (SIXH) Industrial Goods & Services 0 14.75p 14.75p 0.00% 14.50p 15.00p View
7Digital Group (7DIG) Retail 8 1.00p 1.00p -4.00% 0.95p 1.05p View
88 Energy Limited (DI) (88E) Oil & Gas 16 1.09p 1.08p 0.67% 1.07p 1.09p View
888 Holdings (888) Travel & Leisure 54 170.00p 169.00p 0.05% 168.80p 169.10p View
A&J Mucklow Group (MKLW) Real Estate 1 510.00p 505.00p -0.60% 500.00p 510.00p View
A2a SPA (0N54) 0 1.57p 1.57p 0.95% 1.51p 1.65p View
AA (AA.) Industrial Goods & Services 59 95.90p 92.16p -0.67% 92.18p 92.38p View
Aareal Bank AG (0MG0) 0 35.23p 35.69p 1.31% 0.00p 0.00p View

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