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Price Data

This section of the graph displays the historical price movement of the stock (in blue) and the corresponding sector performance (in grey). The percentage change over the time frame is displayed on the right hand side of the graph and by hovering over you can view the stock price and sector index level at any point in time.

Price Data

Consensus Data

Company consensus summarise the current market sentiment towards a particular company.

It combines the most recent open tip from each Tipster/Broker to produce a single value to describe market opinion for a company (or sector). A changing consensus score can indicate that market sentiment is shifting towards a particular stock.

Consensus Data

Company Momentum Score

The tip momentum score chart illustrates the swing in analyst sentiment towards the company.

The tip momentum score takes into account the number of new tips the company has recently received and whether these tips were new or sentiment reiterations. A positive value indicates a recent upturn in sentiment towards the company, a negative value indicates a fall in sentiment and a value close to zero indicates no change.

Momentum Data

Activity Data

This section of the graph shows the relative level of tipping activity for an individual company. A value of 100% indicates that the company is receiving the normal level of tip activity. A value below 100% indicates it is receiving fewer tips than normal and a level above 100% indicates it is receiving more attention than normal.

A high Activity Score could indicate a number of things such as imminent earning/reporting announcement, shift in sentiment, positive or negative news.

Activity Data

Trading Velocity Data

The final section of the graph shows the relative trading activity for the company. This represents the number of shares traded (the volume) each day and compares to an average day. A value below 100% indicates that the stock is being traded less than usual and a value above 100% indicates that it is being traded more than usual.

A high Trading Velocity indicates that the stock is being traded more than usual and could potentially accompany a change in the price.

Trading Velocity