UK Economy Grows


UK in growth and all stock picks are a mix of 84% BUY, 8% SELL and 8% HOLD.

1. SELL Cap-xx

Top stock pick this week is SELL CAP-XX Limited by Steve Moore in ShareProphets with a tip performance of 77%.

CAP-XX designs & manufactures the thinnest, high power density & energy storage supercapacitors ideal for portable & small-scale electronic devices for example thin form prismatic super capacitors and energy management systems for small scale electronic devices and automotive applications. The company was founded by Anthony Paul Alexander Kongats on January 14, 1997 and is headquartered in Seven Hills, Australia.

Cap-xx share price launched at 95p in 2006 and is today at 0.06p.

On 29 January Delaware District Court ruled against Cap-XX in a patent infringement lawsuit initiated by Cap-XX against Maxwell Technologies which in February they chose not to pursue

On 13 March Cap-XX released a Corporate Update in this RNS that announced deterioration of cash reserves due to the court case and lower sales.

In his article Steve Moore questions how long Cap-XX will have the money to continue and advises SELL. In Stockomendation Steve Moore is the only analyst with SELL and there are no active short positions open.

2. BUY Entain

Second top stock pick this week is BUY Entain by Dominic Walsh in The Times - Tempus with a tip performance of 5%.

Entain is the gambling group that owns Ladbrokes and Sportingbet. In his article Walsh points out the group is searching for a new CEO and more NEDs for the Board. Walsh reports rumours that Entain is selling off part of the business that don’t fit with the core strategy even including the Coral brand.

Walsh says BUY at the prospect of an imminent new chief executive and launches an attack on the previous one Nygaard-Anderson who can’t have been that bad given the all-time high share price of 2,210p 8 months after her arrival.

Entain share price launched at 450p in 2004 and is today at 766p.

In Stockomendation Deutsche Bank, Dominic Walsh and Shore Capital say BUY, JP Morgan is NEUTRAL and Goldman Sachs says SELL. There are two active short positions open, view those here.

3. BUY Games Workshop

Third top stock pick this week is BUY Games Workshop Group by Zaven Boyrazian in The Motley Fool with a tip performance of 4%.

Games Workshop Group is a British manufacturer of miniature wargames, based in Nottingham, England. Its best-known products are Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Nottingham, it is the largest and the most successful hobby miniatures company in the world.

Games Workshop share price launched at 124p in 1994, reached an all-time high of 11,940p in 2021 and is today at 9,935p. The Motley Fool says 2024 could be the biggest year ever for the company given an imminent deal with Amazon. From small beginnings of a single shop started by three friends in 1975 it is now worth £3.13bn and has taken in £492m in revenue.

In Stockomendation four out of four analysts say BUY they are Zaven Boyrazian, Charlie Keough, Oliver Rodzianko and Tom Rodgers. There is one active short position open, view that here.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article should not be considered financial advice. Pricing data correct as at 14th March 2024.