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Get help with the picks you might want to place in ‘This is Money Share Picking Game’ and see what’s in the Market to help you decide which shares you might like to add or remove from your portfolio.

Join Stockomendation for FREE and build your custom Watchlist to get alerts about the latest stock market tips that are placed throughout the day, with links to the tipsters and brokers sites, articles, recommendations, newsletters and research. Follow tipsters and brokers and turbocharge your research.

By creating a Watchlist of tipsters, brokers, companies and sectors you get instant Tip Alerts; you can track performance and identify shares that you may want to add or remove from your real portfolio or simply use in This is Money Share Picking Game.

Our Watchlist system is a powerful tool so if the advice for a share you are invested in, or have used in the game, changes from a Buy to a Sell then our alerts will let you know so you can decide how quickly you need to act.

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What do I get?

  • View the latest share tips from the UK’s leading newspapers, publications, websites and blogs.
  • Over 57,000+ share tips tracked in real time – more than anywhere else.
  • See historic share tips and performance.
  • Get instant email notifications about tips, tipsters and companies you follow.
  • See the best and worst tipsters - build you own league table.
  • See who is tipping the stocks you’re invested in – has their advice changed?
  • Get link to tipsters’ and journalists’ original articles and research.

Track the Tipsters, Companies and Sectors that are important to you

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The dashboard gives you ideas for what you might want to add to your watchlist, it shows the trends that may be important to your investing, with top performers, companies trending with the tipsters and what other members are watching.


Your watchlist enables you to monitor the movement of shares, tips, tipsters and companies and decide if you feel that they are worth pursuing. You can set automated email notifications for any items in your watchlist.

Tipster Profiles

Tipster profiles provide you with all the information you need about a tipsters tips - their statistics page including performance, sector activity, buy / sell tip statistics and much more.

Company Profiles

Company profiles give you access to the price data including historical information, current tipster opinion, the share tips for the company and RNS updates.

Email Alerts

Our email alerts and notification system lets you control what emails you receive and when you receive them. Set your notifications to alert you when something changes or have a summary email sent out daily or weekly - its up to you!

RNS Service

Our RNS service covers all UK companies. You can view the latest and historic updates and also set up RNS email alerts about companies you invest in.

Sector Profiles

Sector profiles give you an overview of the current sector average price and historical data. You can also see current tipster opinion, latest tips, most tipped companies and the most active tipsters in the sector - all on one page.

Tipster League

The tipster league is where you can build your own tipster ranking table to evaluate and compare tipsters and brokers. This will show you who is performing best, backed up by the latest stats, so you can make the best choices.

Share tips on the go!

Stockomendation is built using the most up-to-date technology, which means you have access on all your internet connected devices; mobile, tablet and desktop, making sure you’re always getting the information you need, as it happens.

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